Remove the ClassiPress Price tag if not needed or 0

Sooner or later you may like to setup categories such as “Casual Relationships” or “Free Give Away Items” etc. In this case you may not like to see a price tag in the loop or ad description. I mean, how does it look when someone posts an ad with the title ”Cool men seeking nice woman” and next to his ad shows a price tag up? I think it’s better to remove the price tag if not needed.


MultiPort – ClassiPress Child Theme – Professional and Responsive!

The problem with most of the available Child Themes are the fixed colors that you get. You buy it, you install it and that’s it. If you like to change some minor things like Background or even the Logo, you need to go into the files. As i’m watching the market i found out that most of the people like to change some colors or at least the background. Others would like more basic styles to choose from, just like in the parent theme.

Create your own ClassiPress Child Themes

On you can find several mods, hacks and ClassiPress Child Themes for your business site. It’s highly recommended to use all those modifications and hacks inside a child theme to avoid losing your work after updating the parent ClassiPress software to a newer version.
I assume you have ClassiPress already purchased, succesfully installed and activated. If not, start doing it from here:

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