About Me

Hi there! Sure you want to waste your time and read something about me? Well, it’s up to you…

samcyBuilding something up by myself and design is my passion, not only on websites. Everything in my life is affected by it, life decisions are based upon it. Understanding how to build things up and design works – and showing others the importance of well thought out, beautiful design – is what I get the most joy from. I don’t need plans, just an idea and i can get started.

Need an example? Check out my bathroom renovation:

Hope you liked it 😀

What i do for living?

I’m a AppThemes Support Guru by day and night, trying to help our customers getting the most out of their business site. wpMorphed.com is my private website where you can find tutorials, modifications and ClassiPress child themes. I live in Nicosia (Cyprus) but i’m born in Germany, have a lovely wife, two great sons and a loyal big AmStaff named “Sammy” – and I like Red Bull whilst listening to AC/DC above 130 dB(A).

das-tut-gutOK, i agree… on that picture “Sammy” isn’t yet sooo big 😛

I hope you enjoy my website and find some useful stuff for your business.


Samcy (Rolf Hassel)

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