ClassiPress Multisite Network in your own language

From time to time a special question comes up:  How to build a WordPress Network (MultiSite) using ClassiPress, a child theme, another theme like Vantage and/or the Ideas theme AND have everything showing up in my own language?  Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, in a couple of minutes you have it done! No coding skills needed!

So the goal of this tutorial is:

  •  One running WordPress install as the “Boss” that controls your users, registrations etc.
  •  The  AppThemes ClassiPress Theme including a child theme that shows up on your main domain name. (
  •  The AppThemes Ideas Theme showing up under a sub folder from your domain. (
  •  The AppThemes Vantage Theme showing up under another sub folder from your domain. (

You may change the above way however you like it. For example: You may take another theme like “Twentythirteen” as the theme that shows up first when somebody calls your home page and have all other themes in sub folders. The important point is that you want your visitors just to register once!

So the first thing that we need is a normal WordPress installation. You already have a theme running? No problem, you don’t need to delete it!

Step 1)

Deactivate ALL plugins! Yes, ALL! You can activate them later back on, but for now de-activate them.

Step 2)

Open (with a text editor) your wp-config.php that you can find in your WordPress root folder. Inside that file find the string

On top of that, add this:

So now it looks like this:

Save that file.

Go to your WordPress admin backend and refresh your browser (CTRL & F5). Now look into “Tools” inside your admin menu and find a new item called “Network Setup”. See screenshot:



Now read carefully, because you may face a small “problem” when you click on Network Setup. Normally you should see something like this:



If you do, that’s great and exactly what we want to see. But if you see the following screenshot, we need to do something else. Do you get this after you clicked on ‘Network setup”?:


That’s not so good. In this tutorial we want to use the Network using Sub-Folders, not Sub-Domains. But the message says:

Because your install is not new, the sites in your WordPress network must use sub-domains. The main site in a sub-directory install will need to use a modified permalink structure, potentially breaking existing links.

So we need to do something. If you see the first picture where you get a choice how the network will work, you can skip the next part.

To overcome this “problem” add the following code to your child themes functions.php

Save the file. Now go again to your WordPress Admin area and click again on that “Network Setup” link. You should now see the first screenshot, the one that gives you a choice how the network will be setup.

Now that we are done with that problem, we are all able to continue from here.

We checkmark “Sub-directories” and fill out the title of our network (whatever you like) and set an email address. When done, click the “Save” button.

Now you will see something like this:



Follow those instructions and place the suggested code into your wp-config.php and the other into your .htaccess file. I think the instructions are clear, so i don’t repeat them here. Save the files when you are done. Once you complete these steps, your network is enabled and configured. You will have to log in again. Please do that now.

Once you complete the Network activation process by adding the wp-config.php and htaccess code suggested, you may now remove the code from your child theme functions.php that we added before

Step 3)

After you logged in new into WordPress admin, you will now notice a new link “My Sites” in your top menu. Something like this:



Do you see that? That’s great, because your Network is now working! Time to add another theme.

Step 4)

We choose the AppThemes Ideas Theme to include in our Network. The Ideas Theme is a great way to let your visitors give you new ideas and i really recommend to use this great theme. So now we hover over that “My Sites” link and choose “Network Admin”. You will see something like this:



Click on “Create a new Site” and fill out the fields. Here an example:



Click on the “Add Site” button to save your new site. Now hover again over the “My Sites” link and this time choose your new ‘Ideas’ site that we have just created. You will see now a fresh and clean WordPress admin area, without any theme installed. Just like this:



But this is not the place to install further themes. Other than a single WordPress install we need to add further themes to the “Network Admin” area. So again hover over that “My Sites” link and choose “Network Admin”. After that go to Themes => Installed Themes and you will see the themes that are already installed. Something like this:



You can now install the “Ideas’ theme as you normally do in a normal WordPress installation. When you are done, click on ‘Network Enable”. See screenshot:


Done? You will now see that the Ideas Theme has been added to your total themes inside the Network Admin area.


Now we want that Ideas theme in our site that we created before. So again hover over ‘My Sites” and choose again the “Ideas site”. Now you can move down to Appearance => Themes and activate your Ideas Theme. See screenshot:



Well done! You now have ClassiPress AND the Ideas theme installed. Click on the Ideas link to check your frontpage:



How does it look? I guess you like it. You can now edit and change the theme to your needs, add a logo and do some content. Just like you would do in a single install.

So to install the AppThemes Vantage Theme you do the same steps (step 4)  as we just did. When you are done, you will have 1 WordPress and 3 themes (ClassiPress (as parent), Ideas and Vantage) The ClassiPress is your main theme and the others can be called using the sub-folders. So if you go to “My Sites” and click on the “All Themes” link you will see the sub-folders that include the other themes:



You are done, unless you like to add even more themes. How about AppThemes JobRoller? Well, it’s up to you. I’m not doing it now, as i assume you understand how it goes. It’s now time to change the language to your native language. In case your language is english, nothing more to do. Enjoy your Network. For the others we continue with

Step 5)

To get a general help how to translate your AppThemes theme, you may read this article first:

After reading that article you will understand how it goes. There is no big difference in a MultiSite, but there is. The first thing you do is edit the wp-config.php and change the language definition. If you want i.e. your translation to German, you will change it to:

Save that file. Go to your WordPress admin area and refresh the the site (browser). You will now notice that everything is still in english. No worries, you are very near to get things done. As described in that other tutorial, you will need to upload the language package (the .mo file) to your /wp-content/languages/themes/ folder. In case you you purchased the Rondell child theme, you will also upload the rondell .mo file there.

Now choose the theme(s) that you want in your language. Let’s start with the parent theme ClassiPress. (My Sites => ClassiPress) and move down to WordPress Settings => General. Scroll down and find “Site Language”. Select your language, in my case i will select “German“. Click on the “Save Changes” button and you are done with ClassiPress. Check your ClassiPress frontsite, it’s now translated to your native language.


Now you can do the same for your other themes (Ideas and Vantage). Just upload the Ideas and Vantage .mo files to /wp-content/languages/themes/ and change the language in your WordPress Settings => General.

You now have a nice Network where people just need to register once and use all your themes. And everything in your native language. That’s cool, huh?

Thanks for reading and good luck with your project. You can now re-activate the plugins that you need. Do it one by one and check all your themes after every plugin activation. That’s the best way to see if a plugin is causing a problem with one of your themes.


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2 Responses to “ClassiPress Multisite Network in your own language”

  1. errol April 24, 2014 at 22:50 #


    i did all you said here but i still cannot see site right with the theme installed. what is missing?

  2. Mike Linney May 10, 2014 at 08:16 #

    All works well Thank You for taking the time to write an easy to followstep by step tutorial.

    Now how about Child Themes. What is the best way to create a child theme for each theme on the network. Am having problem with One-Click Child Theme plugin. My classisPress theme has an active child theme, but the plugin spits out this message ” NULL Theme switched! ” when try to create child themes for other themes on the network

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