Change ClassiPress Background

ClassiPress comes with a plain grey background color. How about changing the entire ClassiPress background color? Or using a nice texture?
In this tutorial i’ll show you how to set a background management that gets controlled in your WordPress admin area. After setting this up once, you can change your site background in just a few seconds! Sounds good? Here we go:


Price is Negotiable – a sign in the ClassiPress listings

“Price is Negotiable – a sign in the listings” is one of my first customizations for ClassiPress and still a most wanted feature. Your site visitors will see a sign under the price tag showing if the price is negotiable. It gets activated due a checkbox by the owner of the ad while filling out the ad details.

This improved tutorial shows you the wpMorphed way how to get this accomplished and working on your ClassiPress site.


Redirect your visitors to a THANK YOU page after using the ClassiPress sidebar contact form

When using the default ClassiPress sidebar contact form in the single ad listing, all you get after sending the request to the ad owner is an odd “Your message has been sent! message with no further action. It happens that some people don’t even see that message and don’t know if the email was sent.

In this tutorial i’ll explain you how to redirect the sender to a “Success” page after he clicked on the “submit” button. For this purpose we will create our own “Success” page. That “Success” page will give you additional possibilities to give your customers a choice what to do next.


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